Internet names for Djibouti, Music, DataJournals, ...

This website enables you to register and manage the ".DJ" domain names with just a few clicks.

Generic names cannot be accepted: they are reserved for services of common interest by International DJ in order to provide a non-controversial, clear, simple, and easy way to memorize them.

To prevent naming conflicts, domain name registration is subject to prior approval. A.DJ, the association of the .DJ name holders, provides for conflict arbitration.

"Click .DJ" to register, manage or
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At year-end 2022, we experimented a non standardized convergence of security-oriented new practices in several areas, including SSL. They independently conflicted with established and proven solutions. The most surprising one was the observed reduced DNS propagation of the "www.tld" domain names, like, obliging all of us to move to "". is operated by dotDJ